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Missing Wheelie Bin?

Strange but true! We’ve had some reports in recent months that some wheelie bins have been stolen. No, there isn’t a wheelie bin thief at large. We’ve found in most cases that bins have simply been misplaced during the summer.

It’s probably a good idea to check your local area for your bin before you call in the detectives. What sometimes happens is that bins can be moved to neighbouring properties or even “borrowed” by neighbours while student properties lay vacant.

If this is the case, simply move the bin back to your property, once you’re sure it belongs to you. Stealing your neighbours bin isn’t a good idea, so if you can’t find your bin, be sure to give us a call and we’ll send out the wheelie bin search and rescue team (or just tell you how to find it)!

A special note for tenants living in the Viaduct area of town... large commercial bins are made available for your use at the rear. If you’d like more information on refuse collection, recycling and collection days, Durham County Council have it all covered on this page: