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JW Wood students fresher’s guide.

JW Wood students fresher’s guide.

Routine is key

Getting into a routine of working hard during your first year will prepare you for the hard work that is ahead. If you spend the year doing just enough, you will struggle to adjust. Worse than that, you could fail first year and have to redo it/drop out. It’s all about balance, work hard so you can play hard.


You might feel homesick it’s expected, especially if you’re far away from home, be sure to keep in touch with family and friends. University can be daunting and you may feel you should be using the time you have wisely, rather than spending it talking to family every day. This is not the case, if you miss them, talk to them.


University in another city isn’t just about knowing where the nearest clubs are, but getting to know your new home for the next few years. Try to grab a few friends and get to know your area a little better. Durham is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK and your now part of it, so EXPLORE it.

Don’t rush

You here for a long time (hopefully), enjoy every moment of it all, it’s a unique experience that only happens once. Take each day as it comes and do things that’ll make you happy as it’s your future, not others. Embrace the moment, take a deep breath and achieve.

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